TradeStation Securities, Inc has released its Enhanced Options Application Programming Interface (API) for retail and institutional clients as well as third-party platforms interested in connecting to the API.

The API offers options trading capabilities, including spread trading and risk/reward analysis through a robust and reliable API that can be utilized to deliver a custom interface capable of meeting the needs of TradeStation diverse clients.

“We’re experiencing great momentum with our API solutions, and this latest release allows TradeStation Securities to continue building new and innovative trading tools,” said John Bartleman, President and Chief Executive Officer of TradeStation Securities’ parent company TradeStation Group, Inc. “We’re excited to help make the markets more accessible through expanded integration capabilities and our Brokerage-as-a-Service offerings.”

The Enhanced Options API provides TradeStation Securities’ clients with a powerful set of tools that allows for robust options trading capabilities, from the most basic options trade to complex options spreads.

TradeStation Securities’ clients now have access to complete option calculations, Greek values, risk/reward analysis for potential trades, and other critical elements that will allow for an exceptional options trading experience. TradeStation Securities has also implemented technology that optimizes bandwidth utilization which will help ensure a reliable streaming service – making the product compatible for even the largest institutions.


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