Electronic trading major Interactive Brokers has enhanced the recently launched IBKR GlobalTrader app.

The latest version of the solution offers the ability to directly submit an order without having to see the order preview.

Also, there are new “Today’s” and “Total” P&L values in the Portfolio header, and multiple values have been added to the far right column of your Portfolio. Tap a value to cycle through P&L, Total P&L, and Last Price/Change % values.

IBKR GlobalTrader, a simple mobile trading application for investors to trade stocks around the world, was officially introduced in March 2022. With a streamlined design, the app is easy for novice investors to use, and powerful enough for experienced stock traders.

Investors can open an account in minutes and start trading stocks on over 80 stock exchanges in North America, Europe and Asia. Investors trading with IBKR GlobalTrader benefit from Interactive Brokers’ global expertise.

Developed specifically for global investors, IBKR GlobalTrader conveniently lets investors make deposits in up to 23 different currencies. These deposits are automatically converted at interbank rates into the currency needed to buy and sell stocks across markets and geographies. For investors seeking global diversification but unsure of what to invest in, the IBKR GlobalAnalyst scanner helps investors identify investment opportunities worldwide. Investors can then use the IBKR GlobalTrader app to quickly take advantage of them.

Additional tools and features available on the IBKR GlobalTrader app include:

  • Fractional Shares: With fractional shares, investors can invest in U.S. shares with as little as $1, regardless of the stock price.
  • Swap: Switch positions in the same dollar amount from one security to another. With one tap, investors can buy the stocks they want and sell those they no longer want to own.
  • Crypto Trading: Trade Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC) via Paxos Trust Company and the IBKR GlobalTrader app. Cryptocurrency trading is available to clients of IB LLC.
  • Free Educational Resources: Investors can continually learn more about the markets, trading and investing via IBKR Campus.


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