The UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is now considering customers’ claims against Cavendish Incorporated Ltd.

The Scheme is aware that consumers may have invested substantial funds in bonds or loan notes issued by Cavendish or through its former appointed representative, Cottesmore Associates Ltd.

In general, a business does not have to be regulated by the FCA to raise funds by issuing shares or debt securities (such as bonds or loan notes). However, any regulated activity carried out by a regulated firm in relation to bonds may give rise to a claim that FSCS can consider.

Customers have alleged that Cavendish and/or Cottesmore gave unsuitable advice in connection with the investments. Customers who believe they may have a claim against Cavendish should submit to claim to FSCS. FSCS will investigate whether these claims are eligible for compensation under its rules.

Neither Cavendish nor Cottesmore have ever been permitted by the FCA to provide regulated advice on investments. As part of its investigations, FSCS will be considering if Cavendish can meet claims made against it.


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