FNG Exclusive… Following its successfully closed USD $1 million seed funding round which was reported exclusively on FNG back in October, Lars Gottwik’s new financial trading startup TRADANTS has launched its first trading game platform where traders can “play for free, but earn for real,”, at WSOT.com – World Series of Trading.

TRADANTS’ World Series of Trading merges online financial trading, esport and skill-gaming into an epic game. On WSOT.com, people from all over the world will be able to participate in paper trading tournaments to hone their skills and win prizes in cash and NFTs. Thus, the platform opens many opportunities for traders to earn real money without risking their funds.

Lars Gottwik, TRADANTS Founder & CEO shared:

“WSOT.com transforms capital markets into an exciting esport, where anyone can learn and trade risk-free against others to win cash rewards and global recognition for their skills. It is how we see the true democratisation of capital markets. We believe that trading should not be a risky and lonely journey but an epic game instead, and WSOT.com can become the place where new trading stars are born.”

WSOT.com also provides opportunities for brands and experts across numerous industries to reach and join its highly-engaged community of tech-savvy trading and gaming enthusiasts.

More on WSOT.com can be seen in the following video:

TRADANTS is a financial gaming startup company set to gamify trading on a global scale. Born from its founders’ capital market, e-gaming and financial technology expertise, TRADANTS unites entrepreneurs and industry professionals with a proven track record in founding and scaling companies and disrupting existing business models by changing them for the better.

Transparency, equality and fairness build the foundation of TRADANTS and underpin its ambitious goal to create a whole new industry by bridging financial markets, esports and skill-gaming. TRADANTS recently announced its first product – World Series of Trading, WSOT.com, a new financial gaming platform offering a range of risk-free trading tournaments for novice and experienced traders worldwide.


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